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The AS532 ALe is a nine-ton-class rotorcraft from Airbus Helicopters’ Cougar/Super Puma family, combining the product line’s mission-proven ruggedness with a full glass cockpit, modern avionics, and the ability to be armed for ground attack and support missions.


A modern cockpit

Outfitted with a full glass cockpit and modern avionics, the AS532 ALe's flight deck is compatible with night vision goggles. Features include Airbus Helicopters’ dual-duplex digital 4-axis autopilot and associated automatic flight control system (AFCS), which provide flight envelope protection, unrivalled precision and stability.

Also incorporated in the instrument panel is the Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) that considerably reduces pilot workload to further enhance flight safety.

On call

Airbus Helicopters’ AS532 ALe is mission-ready – at home in hot temperatures and at high altitudes. The rotorcraft’s discretion, low vulnerability, crash survivability and ability to fly in icing conditions ensure maximum operability – even in the most challenging situations.

It accommodates a variety of armament, and serves as a hefty transporter – able to lift 4.5 tons on a sling.

Thanks to a long fuselage that provides additional payload, the AS532 ALe is reliable, rapid and highly maneuverable – backed by excellent power reserves from the two Makila 1A1 turboshaft engines


The AS532 ALe has a rugged fuselage that includes high-energy absorption landing gear.

Crashworthy seats are installed for the pilot and co-pilot. The fuel tanks have designed-in crash resistance, while multi-purpose air intakes provide protection against sand and icing.


The AS532 ALe was designed with maintainability in mind. Built-in tests for the onboard avionics allow support teams to perform troubleshooting without the need of specific tooling.

The AS532 ALe’s composite main and tail rotor blades are designed for long life and protection against erosion. Maintenance access in the field is facilitated by engine cowlings that serve as a work platform when in the open position.

An Airbus Helicopters exclusivity is a 20-ft. shelter-based container transportable by land, sea and air that brings the maintenance capability to remote operating sites.



Troop transport and MEDEVAC

The AS532 ALe can carry a crew of two up to 24 troops for transport missions.

It can accommodate six patients on stretchers plus 10 other passengers on medical evacuation flights.

Ground attack

Armament qualified for the AS532 ALe include pod-mounted 20 mm. cannons, 68 mm. rocket launchers and side-mounted rapid-fire machine guns.